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Winner #1
Head B20 Bong, Tight Vac ,TNWC CBD Isolate, TNWC Mellows
Winner #2
Tight Vac, Rozn King, Twisty Blunt, TNWC Mellows
Winner #3
Tight Vac, 2 grams of Nuken, Pocket grinder

The Rules Are Simple!

  1. Must be a REGISTERED Member – 1 entry
  2. Minimum 1 Entry per person / Max 4 Entries per person
  3. Follow Our instagram – 1 Entry
  4. Follow and Like our Facebook – 1 Entry
  5. Follow our Twitter- 1 Entry
  6. Goodluck

*Minimum 1 entry per person, maximum 3,  if no minimum is met your submission will be erased and not counted in the draw.