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Buying weed online has never been easier. At West Coast 420 Express we bring you quality medicinal marijuana products from the West coast to the East coast. Our products are sourced from local growers and producers in British Columbia. We inspect each and every product first hand to ensure that we offer the best quality product available. We offer safe, reliable, high quality marijuana products from the West Coast. Buying weed online is an experience so let us offer you top notch service and top notch products when shopping with us. Your one stop online dispensary.

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High quality marijuana all starts at the beginning. Our producers hand pick the finest, healthiest cannabis seeds to cultivate. By painstakingly inspecting every  seed and choosing the most healthiest seeds to start the cultivation process our producers get ahead of the competition on quality. Choosing quality over quantity is their philosophy and that’s one great philosophy to follow.

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Our producers go over each and every marijuana plant daily to ensure health and quality is maintained. Love and attention is all they give, day in and day out.

38890529 - medical marijuana plants in an indoor grow room. indoor grow room equipment is visible in the background. a very typical indoor grow setup.


After many weeks of tender care, it is almost time to reap the rewards. Hard work pays! When you buy marijuana online with us, you will easily see the difference in quality than our competitors. Its the extra time our producers put into the growing process that makes our cannabis top notch. West Coast 420 Express, Canada’s best online marijuana dispensary.


Cannabis from our producers are high quality, hand picked by us each and every time. View our selection of high quality AAAA to A grade marijuana. We actually use the same cannabis we sell for our product photos. Buy weed online with us and see our quality for yourself.

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